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Insanity Is as Insanity Does

-because I talk to myself.. and REPLY-

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First of all, I'm female and an anime obsesser. I like yaoi. ALOT. I'm currently 19, as of Feb. 17, '08 (will be 20 in less than a month! =D), a high school grad, and a female that's got a few weight issues. I love to draw alot when I'm inspired and the the rare poem, never rhyming. I like free-form thankyou very much. My username 'naga_no_anubis' deals with two things. My love of naga's (half person, half snake) and my obsession with my own character, Anubis Contharis Tset, more commonly known amongst my friends as Yasha Keisatsuken. He's a dude. And my main rp (role play) character. He used to be based offa Inuyasha, but I started feeling too much of a copycat and his designs have changed (and will probably continue to do so). You can find my work on DA under the name YashaKeisatsuken... though most of it's on Photobucket. I'm currently happily in a lesbian relationship. Yes. You heard me. Anyway, that's who I am and I'm proud of it. My parents (a baptist pastor and his wife) don't know. Well, I told my mom, but she refuses to believe it. Hah on her. Moving on... I can have a bit of an attitude and have a really bad sense of humor in more than one meaning. Perverted humor. Gotta love it. I'm tomboyish as you can guess and I'm quite immature. I STILL have urges to play in the mud. Anyway, my passion for reading is only outdone for my love of the internet. I love looking at fanart, reading fanfics, but mostly rping. I like small group rp's, but mainly stick to one-on-one due to my lack of ability to keep up with large groups. I have a hard time meeting new people. It'd be easier on me if you just come up and say 'hi, I see we're both interested in..' and so on... well... that's all I can think of for now, so... later. *peace sign*