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First Post - Wow, that's original! - Insanity Is as Insanity Does
July 31st, 2007
11:11 am


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First Post - Wow, that's original!

And so it begins. Mwahahahahahaa *cough* *grin* Well, I do believe it's time I introduced myself, ne? I'm Colleen. That's all you'll get of my name. I'm 18, into YGO (alot), rping, and am an avid artist. I first came to livejournal to visit the journal of a certain talented parody maker that many fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! have come to know and love. LittleKuriboh, folks. He's the best out there, I swear. Never heard/viewed better parodies in my life. And I will continue to watch them as long as he makes them. In any case, because of visiting his journal I began to want to join. It was the inner randomness that drove me to do so today.

For those interested, if anyone ever ends up reading this, that is, I'll go ahead and post my rp character's profiles.

Name: Yasha Keisatsuken (Anubis Contharis Tset) - 'Yash' for short.
Gender: Male
Age: 710 - looks to be late teens
Species: crossbreed - half werepire, half wolf demon
Siblings: Nahkmet (older brother)
Birthplace: Egypt
Current residence: Japan
Sexuality: yaoi but the rare straightness
Other: He's generally a wanderer, and, at this time, only used in rp's with two people. Also, he's the leader of his werewolf pack, has an enemy named Iseos, can temporarily go insane with bloodlust, feeds only on raw meat and blood, can shapeshift into virtually anything he wishes, is a master of magic... keeps a pet cobra named Malice... um.. yeah.. alot of stuff. Oh yeah... he's generally a total perv/flirt. Oh, and his name translates to, roughly, 'demon police dog'. He used to have a relationship with Rai but that went poof.

Name: Urufu - 'Uru' for short.
Gender: female
Age: unknown, appears 18
Species: fox demon
Siblings: Kakariyu (older sister)
Birthplace: Japan
Current residence: Japan
Sexuality: straight... most of the time
Other: She makes sake that doesn't harm the body and doesn't give a hangover, but still gets you drunk (comes in many flavors =P). She's one of Yasha's best friends and can be spazzy, immature, and sexy all at once. And, naturally, as a fox, she's mischevious. She likes to plot crazy things that sets up couples.. or trouble.. whichever's more amuzing.

Name: Raikito - 'Rai' for Short.
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Species: Dragon/Sea Serpent crossbreed youkai
Siblings: Shiyou (younger sister)
Birthplace: unknown
Current residence: Japan
Sexuality: Bi
Other: He's an officer! =D He's generally calm, mature, and a work addict. He's really good at whatever he sets his mind to, and he loves to read in his spare time. Oh.. one bad quality. He's a heavy smoker. That;s okay, though. He's a dragon. It won't hurt him. And did I mention he's filthy rich? He lives in a mansion that was passed down from his parents to him and his sister, though she's never around. Don't let him being rich fool you... He's one of the nicest people you could meet and would put his life on the line for just about anyone that needs it. He even dresses like a normal everyday person. You'd only know he's rich if you followed him home.

Name: Nahkmet Tiamet Tset - 'Nah-kun' for short, courtesy of my gf.
Gender: male
Age: unknown, but slightly older than Yash
Species: werepire/ wolf demon crossbreed
Siblings: Yasha/Anubis (younger brother)
Birthplace: Egypt
Current residence: USA (mainly Florida)
Sexuality: Bi
Other: He talks to reptiles in their languages and keeps a basement full of live reptiles, the highlight being rescued crocodiles. He's co-leader of the pack (subbing in for Yash 99% of the time), and is also Yash's 15+ kids' babysitter. He can be stern but very gentle to even pervy depending on his mood.

If I ever feel like it, I'll put up more character profiles, but for now, these are my main ones. if any of you actually read any of this, leave a comment. Especially on what you think about my characters. Comments like 'that's stupid' will be ignored though. I like constructive criticism, even if it's not on art.

Ow, my back's killin' me. x.x I blame lack of sleep. *shakefist*

"TTFN - Ta Ta For Now!"

PS:  This is apparently my gallery link: http://pics.livejournal.com/naga_no_anubis/

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Date:July 31st, 2007 04:43 pm (UTC)


lol, I also joined because of LittleKuriboh! That guy is so totally super-special-awesome. XD I've never rp-ed before, but your characters look interesting. :)
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Date:July 31st, 2007 04:47 pm (UTC)

Re: heya

Why, thankyou, friend. =3
Date:August 1st, 2007 02:59 pm (UTC)


Hey hun i LOVE the LJ and i feel so special you even put up Nah-kun for me *tear* anyways i love what you have dont and i think its funny how you only officially call Rai Bi. anyway Loves you forever

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Date:August 1st, 2007 03:01 pm (UTC)

Re: ~Saera

*blink* Well, he IS bi. *blink blink*
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